Viva San Mateo! Viva Logroño!

Every town, village, city in Spain seems to have its own festival. For logroño that festival is San Mateo and this festival spans out over six days (this year it was apparently shorter than usual). All students have holidays for the days of festivities and so my friends and I headed to the ayuntamiento the town hall for the release of the chupinazo, a small rocket which symbolises the beginning of the fiesta.


#release of the chupinazo #time to partay!


#getting drunk in the middle of the day #the line up of djs has begun


#what better way to start partying than to have a flour and egg food fight

Besides getting drunk, staying up to the wee ours of the morning and trying to get up and make use of the next day. The festivities and events are a non stop.


#spanish mates

The next day has the the stepping of the grapes where the first Mosto (grape juice that hasn’t become alcohol yet) and wine of the season are offered to Mary.

Pisado de la uva en el Espolón 21/09/2013 MIGUEL HERREROS

#el pisado de las uvas

Everyday there are different types of food cooked. The lines however were never ending and I did not have the patience to wait.



Other than that the tapas streets were a no go zone and finding seats at a cafe was plain luck.


#try ordering

The Fair was just like any other but there was this one game where the prize was just plain…Spanish.


#jamon jamon jamon!

The evening parade was just as entertaining, especially when I saw this;


#the dog is part of the parade haha

The fireworks are displayed every night and because we are allowed to stand very close to where they are lit they seemed much more grand and a lot more entertaining.


#Sydney NYE fireworks seemed to be displayed every night

and because the spanish love to burn things, the ending of the ceremony is symbolised by the burning of a wine/gastronomic statue, la cuba.


#adiós San Mateo adiós #2013

With a lot more events happening than I can list, all in all it was a great week, but I did realise that I prefer logroño when it is a lot quieter.


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